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History of the Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association
“Standards of Excellence”

Professor Martin T. Buell, founder of Universal Kempo Karate
Professor Martin T. Buell, founder of Universal Kempo Karate

The Beginning: Professor Martin T. Buell
Professor Buell was born on August 31, 1942, in Honolulu, Hawaii, of Irish and Chinese ancestry. Professor Buell began his martial arts career in 1953 when he began studying at the Kaimuki YMCA in Honolulu.

In 1956, Professor Buell trained in “Kenpo” at the Central YMCA, Honolulu, Hawaii, with Professor Thomas Young.

In 1957, Professor Buell began his training in the Kajukenbo System with Professor Adriano Emperado. He enrolled in the Kajukenbo Kaimuki YMCA Branch after observing a martial arts demonstration.

Learning and training at the Kajukenbo System, Emperado Method under Professor Emperado was the foundation planted and the beginning of Professor Buell's dedication to the martial arts. Some of the professor's other instructors were Paul Seronio, Al Reyes, and Walter Godin.

Professor Buell received his black belt in 1966, his second degree in February 1969, and third degree in June 1970. Professor Buell continued his teaching and training for many years and was promoted to fifth degree Chief Instructor.

Professor Buell preserved his love for Kempo Karate by having several schools under his leadership. The beginning of it all was started at the Pacific Palisades Community Center in 1966. His second branch opened in 1972 at the Highlands Intermediate School in Pearl City, Hawaii, and his third in 1974 at the Newtown Estates Recreational Center in Aiea, Hawaii. Professor Buell trained many instructors, some of whom started schools on the mainland during this period. These locations included schools in Colorado, Virginia, Washington, West Indies, Guam, California, Texas, New Hampshire, and Ohio. The name Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association came into effect on October 23, 1981. Professor Buell created a Board of Directors, comprised of the Chief and Senior Head Instructors and all heads of schools under the UKKSA banner. As head of the UKKSA, Martin Buell was recommended by his Board of Directors to be advanced to the rank of Professor.

On May 22, 1982, Mr. Buell was promoted to the rank of Professorship, 10th Degree. The promotion was witnessed by many martial artists in Hawaii and from afar. This event was held at the Momilani Recreation Center in Pearl City, Hawaii. After the promotion, Professor Buell's 300-member Universal team provided a very special martial arts demonstration before hundreds of guests in honor of such a rare event. The promotion was at a formal setting where past and present students participated in the special ceremony. There was a formal meal and gifts were awarded to Professor Buell as well as special hula dancing dedicated to the professorship of Professor Buell.

The Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association's hard style and training has remained the same as its predecessor. Professor Buell continues to teach the hard body contact training, the animal, and street fighting as taught to him by the countless hours and days of devoted training.

Professor Buell developed and improved the Universal Kempo Karate system with modern methods and innovations. His love for Kempo Karate has always driven him to further its growth.

The UKKSA uses the methods of escape, control, and destroy in self-defense training considering the escalation of force. The objectives of the UKKSA are first to teach self-defense; second, to improve physical conditioning; third, to improve self-discipline, moral character, and humility; and fourth, to develop comradeship among students and to encourage one another to help each other, so all can prosper and develop.

Professor Buell, a strong and rugged fighter, won countless sparring matches in tournament competitions. He has trained many of the most successful martial arts competitors.

Some of Professor Buell's notable moments were:

    1969, Most Outstanding Competitor—All American Championships
    1968, Most Outstanding Competitor—Kajukenbo Championships
    1968, Member of Sparring Team—Hawaii vs. Mainland
    1968, All Hawaii Karate Championships—Runner Up
    1969, Member of Sparring Team—Hawaii vs. Mainland
    1974, Captain of Sparring Team—Hawaii vs. Mainland
    1978, Coach—Hawaii All Stars (Highly successful sparring team participating at the Professional Karate Association Championships in Baltimore, Maryland)

Professor Buell helped to form the Hawaiian Martial Arts Association, was past Commissioner for the Professional Karate Association, past Rating Chairman for Karate Illustrated Magazine, well-known professional referee for point and full-contact tournaments, and tournament organizer and director for many of Hawaii's martial arts tournaments.

Professor Buell's greatest fulfillment with the martial arts is enjoying teaching and helping the student who really needs help. He is devoted to the well-being and education in assisting students of the martial arts to become effective participants in society. Professor Buell has to his credit the opportunity to know, enjoy, and train thousands of students that have made themselves better by just knowing him.

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